Growing interest in Vegan

Let’s see what google trends are referring to about the trend “VEGAN”. Refer Google Trends over Vegan. Last 10-15 years google search on “VEGAN” is increased. But why? I would like to go to history to explain this. Before this let me explain what “VEGAN” means.


Vegans are those who eat food products that come from trees only. There is a difference between Non-Vegetarian and Vegan. Non-vegetarian eat milk but vegans don’t drink that. There are a lot of examples like this. I hope it is clear what vegan means.

Homo sapiens or modern humans evolved between 2-3 lac years before. Before that also other human species existed(eg. Neanderthals), which were extinct long back. Back then humans had to fight for food. They fought with animals to get good food. The cruelty was only for survival instinct. The later war started between different tribal groups. We found cruelty for money, power, etc. But the more human civilization progress, most civilians kept themselves away from cruelty. We are far safer than ever before. So, we have the luxury to keep ourselves away from cruelty.

Different philosophers(eg. Sidharth) have shown their way of life where non-vegetarianism is portrayed as sacred. As an example, several faith groups(eg. Jain, etc) believed in not killing any animal. Hundreds of years passed by. Our society is safer now. We have the luxury to think beyond our survival. Killing innocent animals gives us pain internally. But there is no alternative. We not only need animal protein, but we also need the same taste. Here technology comes and saves us. There is huge innovation coming up in food technology. We can prepare chicken tandoori with 100% plant-based foods. Texture, flavor, taste everything is the same as it is.

So, there is reason and option to opt for Veganism. This is the reason why veganism is becoming popular. Even popular sports person like Virat Kohli has opted for veganism.


NOTE: We can be wrong in our view. It is completely alright if you hold a different opinion. Our aim is not to teach you. Our aim is to trigger some questions in your mind. If you have several questions in your mind after reading this, then we will think that our goal is achieved. If you have questions in your mind, you can buy books, search in google, read journals to have a piece of better knowledge. You can tweet me at @Koutuhal2 if you have a different opinion.

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