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All the jobs that can be done by a robot will be done by a robot. As an example, teaching is a lucrative job opportunity for now. But technology will be so advanced at some stage that robots can teach thousands of students at the same time. Or in a worse scenario, the best teachers of India will teach students remotely to hundreds of students at the same time. Ultimately the job of teachers would be no more. But as of now, there is no sign that robots will have a cognitive ability that can match with humans. So, unless and until the next generation has critical thinking ability, they will lose their job or they will have less pay.

To ask the right question is harder than to answer it.

George Cantor

Questioning is the fundamental thing to improve anyone’s creative thinking. We are trying to build that for the next generation. We will be(not maybe) wrong in many cases. The audience can deny every aspect of any blog. Our motive is not to educate the audience with a lot of information. Every blog will be a thought-provoking one. If the audience finds curiosity on the topic after reading our blogs, we will feel our mission is successful.

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