What is Religion

Religion - A Story

If I say in simple terms, Religion is a fiction novel. Human civilization believes in stories. Religion is one of the long stories we listen to from our childhood. Our parents taught us, what is temple, what is church etc. Our society teaches us a specific way of life which we call religion.

So, is it a good story or a bad story? In my opinion, it is a good story. There is no harm in having a specific belief system. When I see the thousand-year-old temple, I am mesmerized by the architecture. When I see a 400-year-old Church(eg. Bandel Church) I feel inner peace by the calmness. So, what is wrong with religion? Some will say there is terrorism, mob lynching happening due to religion. I won’t deny the fact. Still, I am in favor to say, religion is a good story.

Mosque - An architecture

I am a Hindu. I go to the temple. I do most of the rituals which a Hindu family does. Still, I don’t follow some rituals which a Hindu family follows. Muslims say that alcohol is haram(a bad thing). But still few people drink it, even though they are Muslim. This indicates that every individual follows a certain moral code. Even though they like a story, they don’t follow it blindly. So, everyone’s moral code is their own responsibility. If someone misinterprets a holy text or follows it blindly, it cannot be blamed on religion. It’s their own moral code that is causing harm to society.

NOTE: We can be wrong in our view. It is completely alright if you hold a different opinion. Our aim is not to teach you. Our aim is to trigger some questions in your mind. If you have several questions in your mind after reading this, then we will think that our goal is achieved. If you have questions in your mind, you can buy books, search in google, read journals to have better knowledge. You can tweet me at @Koutuhal2 if you have different opinions.

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