How technology can hide your identity? My proposed solution

Can you maintain your privacy in this digital era? Your mobile is hackable. Once you go out street cameras capture your every move. Your office is also under camera surveillance. Your phone number is public almost everywhere. As a software engineer, I understand there is no technology right now, which can make sure your data is safe. Your mobile is absolutely hackable even if you try your best. As an ordinary person, you cannot prevent this. But at least you want that your mobile number should not be public.

Once you go to the hospital, you have to give your mobile number. Once you give an interview you have to share your number with the recruiter. And once you met a friend you give your number to your new friend. There are lot of other scenarios. Everything could be categorized into two sections –

  • Whom you trust – your close circle
  • Whom you do not trust – your professional circle

Few companies provide solutions for you. If you want to call uber, you cannot view your driver’s number and vice versa. But this solution is not scalable. You need a customized solution for yourself. You may go on a vacation but still, you want to receive a call from your recruiter, because that is very important for you. On the other hand, you do not want your bank managers to contact you at that time. You may want to receive an SMS but not a call. You may want to receive calls from trip planners from 7-9 PM only. There can be hundreds of customization but there is no technology right now, which can provide a solution for this.


TODO: Blockchain solution to hide identity. Using private and public-key cryptography no one can call someone who has not authorized their phone number. A person can configure when an unauthorized person can call them.

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