Why most person are pessimistic

There are different tools through which we can analyze human minds. One of the best tools, which I find very useful is evolution. Charles Darwin explained how different species evolved over time. His theory – “Natural Selection” is popular for so many generations and it is one of the best research of all time.

Where did it all start?

We can divide economic history into three stages – hunting, agriculture, and industry. In the hunting stage men or women had to chase, fight, kill or defend against ferocious animals. We can divide humans into two different kinds, based on behavior – optimistic and pessimistic people. We need to analyze how these two kinds of people would react to any situation during the hunting age.

In an open jungle, people need to be aware because anytime tiger might come and eat them. An optimist is very optimistic in nature. They always see the glass half full. Out of 10 times, they might be alert 5-8 times imagining anytime a tiger might come and kill them. But few times they would be casual where they might be eaten or injured by a tiger.

A pessimist is very pessimistic in nature. They always see the glass half empty. Out of 10 times, they will be alert 10 times, imagining anytime a tiger might come and kill them. This instinct was needed to survive in nature. This behavior helped humans to be a part of natural selection. So, generation after generation we have that behavior added with our genes.

The hunting age is gone. Why are we still pessimistic?

The world has been better after the hunting age. But humans still need to fight for their survival. There were wars, fight against rulers, etc. While crossing the road, our pessimistic behavior makes us alert and we cross the road a safe distance. In the same situation, if the driver sees someone crossing the road, he or she will stop the car from a long distance. Pessimistic behavior is attached to our genes.

So, what should we do now?

Our world is far better than in previous ages. We don’t need to fight for existence. Even if we do nothing, the government takes care of our basic necessities like home, food, and clothes. Our world has the luxury to be optimistic now. There are several advantages of being an optimist. Without training our minds we cannot achieve that. So we need to regularly train ourselves to become an optimist. It will help to build a happy life, a good carrier, etc.


NOTE: We can be wrong in our view. It is completely alright if you hold a different opinion. Our aim is not to teach you. Our aim is to trigger some questions in your mind. If you have several questions in your mind after reading this, then we will think that our goal is achieved. If you have questions in your mind, you can buy books, search in google, read journals to have a piece of better knowledge. You can tweet me at @Koutuhal2 if you have a different opinion.


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